how many shots does a puppy need?

i have a 3 month old red nose pitbull puppy and i have not given him his shots, how many shots should he get or does he need?

Asked by Member 755947 on Oct 21st 2008 in Puppies
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At what age did you get your puppy? Did he already have any shots before you got him? If so, do you have records (vet records) he has received these shots?

If your puppy has never had shots before, I highly recommend you get him to the vet and have him vaccinated. Pups are only protected by their mother's milk for a certain amount of time and then require vaccinations to build antibodies that protect them from serious disease such as distemper and rabies. Not getting a pup vaccinated can KILL them if they pick those diseases up while they're outside (walking, playing) and don't have antibodies.

Personally, I like to vaccinate minimally, meaning, in adult dogs, I use 3 year shots and titering. Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccine protocols, found here - - are a great guideline for your pup and then going to minimal vaccines thereafter.

Abby answered on 10/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer