How many pounds of raw food do my giant breed puppies need?

Hey there dog lovers! This is my first ever post, and I've got an important question for all you raw feeders!

I have two giant breed mixes: A one year old female Akita/American Bulldog, and a ten month old Neapolitan Mastiff/Bernese Mountain dog. The Akita cross is seventy pounds (and has been for a while) and the Mastiff cross is a hundred and five (and still growing steadily).

I want to move them to a raw diet, and have read that growing pups need 10% of their body weight. I have also read that giant breed dogs have a much longer growth period than smaller dogs.

Does anyone have experience in this? As they are crosses, we don't know how big they'll get, or what their growth period is. From what I know, they should stop growing at about a year and a half, but will really thicken out with muscle until about two years old.

Any suggestions? I am thinking that my Akita cross could probably go with the adult amount of 3%, but I'd love some opinions for both my dogs. Thanks to all!

Asked by Member 1153247 on Feb 2nd 2013 Tagged raw, rawfood, puppies, largebreed, giantbreed, diet, dietchange in Raw Food
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I would ask in the RAW forum which is under the community section so there is some back and forth. They are very helpful there. :)

Obi answered on Feb 2nd.

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