How many ML of penicillin can I give a 91 lb dog?

She's had 1ml of penicillin for the last 4 days.

Asked by Member 1068517 on Nov 4th 2011 Tagged health in Health & Wellness
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That is a question for your veterinarian!! I do know that most injectable penicillin is given only every other day, and, to my knowledge, 1 ml is a non-theraputic dose in a dog that size.
Messing with things such as antibiotics on your own is not a great idea. They are available as prescription drugs so that they are only used under the supervision of a veterinarian who has been trained in their use.
Different antibiotics treat different issues and penicillin will do nothing for many infections.
If you give too little you will create a super infection and make your dog even sicker, if you give too much you risk serious allergic reaction and even death.
Please call your veterinarian and have your dog examined and treated correctly. It may likely save her life!

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Sanka- I'll Miss You

Many animals are also allergic to penicillin. A vet most certainly should be involved.

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