how long will my dog stay in heat and how big is that thing supposed to get, its huge. is that normal?

Asked by Member 512222 on Oct 9th 2007 Tagged heat, femaledogs in Health & Wellness
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A dog will stay in season for approximately 28 days. It is often very hard to determine when the season starts. First indications may be her licking the area, other dogs seeming interested and sniffing (both male and females) and of course the blood. If you know your female is due to come in season I like to do the "kleenex test" every morning which is simply rubbing that area with a tissue to see if there is any blood. Each female will bleed a different amount so you can't rely on seeing significant blood. Also each female will swell a different amount with some getting quite large and others not so much. If you are not showing, breeding or have health concerns you should consider spaying. You should talk to your vet about this. Spaying stops unplanned litters and also is better for your females health for a number of reasons. You eliminate your changes of getting pyrometria and lower the chances of some cancers.

Jelly answered on Oct 9th.

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Jett  12/25/97-4/25/08

The swelling is normal. Heat can last up to 3 weeks-- a long time to keep an eagle eye on your dog. Do not let her outside unsupervised. The best thing for you to do is to get her spayed as soon as possible. Male dogs will know she's in heat well before you do, and they will go to extreme lengths to breed. Spaying your female drastically cuts her chances of getting uterine & mammary cancers, totally eliminates the possibility of her getting pyometria (an often deadly infection of the uterus) & you will not be adding to the problem of pet overpopulation. Best wishes.

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