How long is normal amputation recovery and where is normal amputaion of leg done?

I have a belgian sheppherd mix, very large dog. She got hit by a car a week and a half ago, her leg was badly mangled up, we rushed her to a vet and the next day he did surgery and amputated her rear leg about halfway down the thigh. My stepdaughter who works for a different vet and others stated that it should have been all the way by dislocating the hip and taking that. my dog got an infection and went back to vet last friday where they are giving her antibiotics through IV. Then Sunday her main artery started bleeding out, but the vet was there and did emrg. surgery and saved her. her hwite blood count is now normal but they are gonna still give her the antibiotic for the rest of this week. the artery they said was a freak thing and the infection may have eaten the stitch away. i just want to aleviate my fear about where they amputated. Is it normal to leave the hip and partial thigh, really not any thigh just a big nub? how long is recovery?

Asked by Member 1175969 on Jun 18th 2013 in Emergencies & First Aid
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