how long do shitzus stay in the heat cycle

Asked by Member 909561 on Nov 5th 2009 in Shih Tzu
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All dog breeds stay in heat for about three to four weeks.
Be sure to keep her away from any and all males during her heat.

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Is that right? I was told it is only 10 days and twice in a year. Please corect me if I am wrong.

meli answered on 11/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Meli, You are wrong. They are normally in for three weeks. The old saying was a week coming, a week in and a week going, but I have had dogs get bred on their fourth day in heat, while bleeding bright red and have puppies and have also had them breed on day 24 when they looked completely out of heat and have puppies as well. Sooo, to be safe, you need to plan on at least three weeks and that extra week is carefully leashwalking only as well. We do not let them come back into our basic obedience classes until four weeks from the first day in heat. Any earlier and they are still disturbing the rest of the class.

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oh yes,dogs CAN get pregnant ANY time during about four weeks. We had one surprise litter when she had been"out of heat"so I THOUIGHT,until she she had access to a male. Wasn't a big problem,I had people who wanted pups from my "next litter", just a little sooner than I wanted.But if you don't want pups, be sure to keep your girl away from a male for a month. Another thing,I had one girl that would go into heat THREE times a year. Best way NOT to have puppies is to neuter.It is also a lot easier, better for health reasons and you don't have to worry about "spotting" around the house.Also, a female in heat will draw CROWDS of unrestrained males from the surrounding area.My girls are all neutered now. There are so MANY dogs euthanized,I won't take the chance of adding to the misery.If you think you can love your dog/love your breed, do things RIGHT and make any real money, you're kidding yourself.You MIGHT break even on vet bills,food costs and incidentals.That's why there's puppymills,

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