How is the Dog-walking business in Savannah, GA?

I've decided I need a change. I am going to be moving to Savannah in Febuary, and in the interest of spending more time with my own dogs and in dealing with a species I understand better, I've decided to try and start my own dog-walking business. I have looked at the insurance and it all seems reasonably priced, but I have a few questions for my fellow dog owners, since I have never used a dog walker before:

I was planning to charge 18$ for a base walk. If my customers sign a six month contract, (an hour a day, 5 days a week,) the price goes down to 15$. If the pet is a rescue, I was thinking of bumping it down to 12$.
I was planning to offer jogging with dogs, if the dog is over 2 years old and has a clearance from their vet for soundness. (I would be conditioning the dog to run, of course.)
I would offer in-home pet care during the workday for puppies and elderly dogs with three half-hour visits a day.

So, does this sound solid? Would you hire me?

Asked by Skittles on Aug 8th 2010 Tagged gadogwalkingbusinessstartup in Local Spots & Services
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