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How is it best to transition from pee pad to the fake lawn pee patch for our balcony?

We live in an apartment and have been potty training our 18 week old doxie dogs on pee pads. We want to start training them to use this fake patch of grass on our balcony so they go there when we are unable to take them all the way down the building and outside. Does anyone have advice on how to best train them to use this?

Asked by Wee Wee Herman on Feb 3rd 2013 Tagged pottytraining, apartment in Puppies
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So then it sounds like your pup already is using pee pads, so what you could do is try putting a puppy pad on the fake grass until he gets the hang of the spot he has to go in and then try removing the pad leaving only the grass.
Make sure you praise big time while the pad is there and when it is not.
You also mentioned you want the pup to go on the fake grass when you can't take him out, just know that you are trying to teach 2 different places to go to the bathroom it may confuse the pup as to where he is suppose to go. But if your consistent i am sure he will catch on. Good Luck

Mika answered on Feb 3rd.

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