How do you train a dog not to mark his territory in the house?

My sister is adopting a 5 yr old yellow lab who was given up by his previous family because he marked his territory in the house. Have any of you successfully trained an older dog to stop this? How did you do it? My sister is prepared to call in a trainer if that is the best way to handle this. Thanks!

Asked by Nelly on Jun 7th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Gray Dawn Treader

It may take awhile, but with posititive training and a lot of patience you should be able to stop this.
The thing to do in the meantime is get some "bellybands". They are merely a strip of cloth that you wrap about a male dog's middle, and change it whenever it is wet. It is a good idea, after you have put a bellyband on your dog, to put some absorption like a folded-in-several-places paper towel in there.
I must admit, though I never mentioned this to many people, Treader did mark on the house just once when we first got him. I'm a fan of positive training, so I never use negative training unless I have to, but back then I knew a lot less about training than I do now. Anyway, when I saw Treader marking, I quickly grabbed his back leg and pulled him backward. He has never marked in the house since. Keep in mind, I doubt that that method will work with all dogs.
If I had known better back then, I would have taken the positive approach, and pulled on his leg but rewarded Treader when he marked in the right place. I have learned since, that that positive method has worked with other behavior problem with Treader, and I have great faith in it. In most cases, it works. I'm not sure how it works with marking since I didn't get to use it, but I'm sure that it's worth a try.

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