How do you stop a border collie from trying to herd you?

My border collie puppy is only 7 weeks old and while he doesn't try to herd us when we are playing with his toys or sitting outside, he always tries to get in front when we take him for a walk. I tried walking faster, but then he gets so tired from trying to keep up with me that he throws up. Then he just keeps running after me. If I slow down though, he nips at my toes and drags on my jeans. We've tried not taking him for a walk, but then he chews on the shoes and anything else he can get his teeth into. (Except his toys that is) I also tried ignoring him, but he still does it and when I just try to keep walking I end up tripping over him. As he is still so small, I risk injuring him, unless I bend down and get him off in which case he is getting attention and might belive he's doing the right thing. We have had border collies before, but none have ever been like him, especially so young. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

Asked by Shep on Jan 9th 2009 in Other Behavior & Training
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♥ Lillie ♥

Looks Like you have got a hard question. It is normal to let your dog walk in front of you, But when he throws up, Thats unusual. You need to try to leash train him. First you need to bond with him, Show him who is boss. That is a stage of Puppys. He has alot of energy and he needs to be leashed Trained. I am not yet sure how to Leash train a dog, I am advicing to keep him close to you when you walk (put him first in a harness, with a short leash ; then the 2nd part a harness and long leash) show him to stay with his owner and bond with him. That is how I trained my dog. Lilly is a CKCS so she was easier to train. Look into some obident classes or try to buy a training book. I will send more info when I can Research It! Hope I helped!

♥ Lillie ♥ answered on 1/9/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I'm a little confused. On your other post you mentioned you weren't walking Shep because you were told to wait until 6-7 months. My answer to that post includes loose lead walking.

You are going too far for a puppy on your walks. At 7 weeks he is too young to be walking outdoors.. He should be getting his series of shots and walking in the yard only at this stage and the house.

You have a herding breed, so it's in his nature. Try to read what he's telling you. By what you described, he's asking you to slow down. Take it easy. If he's tired, sits or lays down when you stop, you've gone too far. Pick him up and go home.

You need some good chew toys. He will be teething in another few months, but I bet his puppy teeth are still coming in now. Nylabone toys are good. Substitute them when he goes for your shoes.

My best advice: enroll in puppy Kindergarten, get the book My Smart Puppy, and feed him 3 times a day until he is about 6 months old.

Lilliana answered on 1/9/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Theres NO way to STOP an imbedded instict thats been passed down for HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of years!! If you wanted a dog that didnt herd you, perhaps another Border Collie was not the best idea!! lol

Walking faster will only deepen his instincts- as you are still MOVING (and moving objects must be HERDED!) Nipping at toes and dragging jeans is not a herding instict. Its puppy play and attention seeking!! A girl I work with has a mini daschund that does the same thing! She started doing it out of the blue one day, after she was more than a few months old. He may be getting in front to just get a better aim for your pant legs or laces !! Have you tried ignoring him by STANDING STILL??? Every time he bites your pant leg, STOP MOVING. He should eventually get bored and move on when the pant legs dont tug back.
You can also try to yell out a sharp "OUCH" or clap loud once, that should break the dogs concentration on the object of his "affection" and you can reward him for letting go.

Stormy answered on 1/10/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer