How do you contact Dogster bloggers?

Over here in Onscario, there has been a massive uproar about the OSPCA's decisions to euthanize all 350 animals in their shelter. The reason why they want to? Ringworm.
You can read more here:
I really want to get this story out there, so I was wanting to contact a Dogster blogger, but I'm not quite sure how. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
~Rosie and mom

Asked by Member 762235 on May 12th 2010 Tagged ringworm, ospca in Animal Welfare
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I don't know how to contact Dogster bloggers.

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I have Ted Rheingold's e-mail. He answers his e-mails quickly. Ted Rheingold is the founder of Dogster. He will help you out with this.

You may also e-mail the Dogster people at

Good luck! I'll be wishing you tons of luck.

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