How do I treat a swollen dog's ear if I do not know what caused it to swell?

I can't afford a vet bill right now. His ear has been swollen for about two weeks. I did not notice right away because he has had ear mites, and would not let me touch his ear. I think it might have been caused by an insect bite or sting. I have some Calm Down I can give him so that he would be more relaxed, and have antibiotic cream, and Aloe Vera lotion containing Lidocaine to ease the pain.

Asked by Member 1062384 on Oct 10th 2011 Tagged swelling, allergicreaction, injury in Skin Problems
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Dogs very rarely get ear mites. Unless you have actually seen the mites it is likely your dog is suffering from chronic yeast or bacterial infections in his ears.
I use the word "suffering" because this is extremely painful to the dog and without veterinary treatment it is not going to get any better.
Most likely the swelling you are seeing is a hematoma, which is a blood blister within the ear caused by his scratching and shaking his head.
Sorry, but the ONLY treatment involves a visit to the vet!!
I would suggest borrowing, selling something or inquiring about credit with your vet as this is extremely painful and can ultimately cause the loss of his hearing or worse without treatment with prescription drugs from your veterinarian.

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