How do I take care of my Poodle's eyes?

My Poddle constantly has red or brown goo on her nose. I have tried washing it off, and it works a little bit. But the next morning, there it is again. I know this is common in this breed of dog, but is there any way you can control it, or clean it off?

Asked by Precious on Nov 29th 2011 Tagged washing, grooming in Grooming
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I had a terrier with much the same problem: goo in his eyes, black crusty stuff on nose & from tear ducts. After many mos. of trying various vet prescribed treatments, I asked my vet to take a culture from the crap around his eyes. Turned out he had a weakness for Staphlococcus, & it was an ongoing Staph. infection. The RIGHT antibiotics took care of it. He also had dry eyes. I suggest you ask your vet for a tear test & a culture, to rule out these possibilities. You might also try Neosporin ointment on her nose.

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