How do I stop my new in door dog from trying to dominate and take over my other dogs space that we've had over a year?

I've had a female italian greyhound, Percy, for a year and decided to find her a playmate. We decided to adopt a female boston ter./italian grhnd mix, Roxy, because we couldn't afford another ital. gryhnd. The first day Roxy came home she immediately started taking over Percy's space. Her bed and special places to lay and even snapped at her once while she was in Percy's bed. Percy is very depressed a wants nothing to do with Roxy. Will this change? I'm worried because if you know anything about ital. gryhnd's, they are very timid and easily intiminated. I love Roxy, but Percy has been my love the past year and she is breaking my heart. Please help!

Asked by Member 861281 on Jul 27th 2009 Tagged dominating, snapping in Other Behavior & Training
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This can be a challenge, because female dogs often dispute over who gets to be in charge, and it sounds like your new one wants to take over, making Percy unhappy. A neutered male, younger than Percy, would be a better choice for a companion, but she and Roxy may learn to get along.

If these two are not yet spayed, start with that. Next, consult a professional behaviorist/trainer who can assess the situation and provide good advice. Here is a link to my trainer's site, where you can find information on selecting a reputable trainer, as well as lots of other helpful articles:

Keep a very close eye on these two. Feed them separately. Make sure Roxy has her own place to lie down, and keep a leash on her until things settle down. If she goes to Percy's bed, pick up the leash and lead her back to her own bed. Be firm, calm, and consistent: no yelling, leash-jerking, or physical punishment.

Hope this helps - good luck!

Katie answered on 7/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Roxy has decided that if no one is going to challenge her, she's going to be the pack leader and what she wants is what 's she's going to get.
You really should have gotten a male dog, but since that's old news you need to work on lessoning the dominance that Roxy is displaying.
Start with feeding time. Make sure Roxy see's you eating first, then when you put their bowls down, away from each other, put Percy's down first and make Roxy wait. Then put hers down.
Don't let Roxy go through doors first. Make her wait. Don't greet Roxy first when you come inside.
When Roxy gets on Percy's bed, make her get off. Don't let her bully Percy. You need stand up for her that way. If Roxy tries to get in Percy's bed, you need to correct that immediately.
You need to set up new roles in your house and Roxy needs to see you as the leader. If she sees you as weak, like Percy is perceived, you won't be able to change much. You need to become alpha.

Member 768404 answered on 7/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Never fear, its not to late! YOU just need to take the leadership role & set the order in the house.

You have to give & show Percy your support & show her that you are looking out for her as the older K9 of the family. All other humans there need to do this too.

In my case, Neka had been with me for 1.5 yrs. When Patchs came, I made sure Neka got 1st choice of spots, she got food first, & got treats & attention from me first. Then Patchs gets the same.

Patchs was cool with it most times. When she tryed to butt in, or pick a spot first, I just backed her off & made her sit & wait until Neka took her spot or ate or whatever.

I feed from 2 different bowls & I give Neka a 10 sec head start, but when she is done, I make her leave so Patchs doesnt feel threatened.

But, If Neka (or Patchs) snips or growls i stop it with a "NO". This lets them BOTH know that I set ALL rules & they BOTH have to follow my direction. They must know that they are not free to set any rules. Period!

Neka answered on 7/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Does Roxy also have a bed & special places also?...Maybe, JUST maybe, she isn't being dominant but just also likes comfort?...PLEASE read this!

Member 73926 answered on 7/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer