How do I stop my Jack russel terrier/fox terrier obsession with a ball?!

He is driving us nuts! He gives us the ball and if we throw it he doesn't stop wanting to play fetch even if he is very tired. And if we don't throw it he will bark and moan and may eventually nip (This happened 3 times already) Not only that but if the ball isn't strong enough he and blossom will tear it up into tiny pieces and this may be hazardous to their health as they can choke on these. When we try to hide it he eventually sniffs it out and starts barking and moaning next to wherever it is hidden if he cannot reach it. It is impossible to play fetch with him since it never stops. It's hazardous to their health and may start a bad habit of nipping people. please help!!

Asked by Blossom on Apr 3rd 2012 Tagged chewing, biting, nipping, ball, fetch, obsession in Other Behavior & Training
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Awesome Troubles

Your dog needs a lot of exercise, being he is an active breed. He needs to run and get all of his energy out. Take him to a dog park or let him out in the yard to run. When you play ball with him, if you want it to end, you need to make him know that you are the dominant one and what you say goes. If he gets enough exercise, he will probably be too tired to keep playing, or whining. You must immediately stop the nipping by using discipline and verbal commands. Either rap him on his snout while saying no, or hold his mouth closed and say no. Be assertive so he knows you mean it. if that doesn't work, use a muzzle. You don't have to buy one, you can use a make shift one, gauze works fine. This will also show him that you are the dominant one. Make sure you give him toys that he can't chew up. Kong toys are very durable.

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Totally disagree with the above post, other than getting him more exercise. Hitting, yelling, "asserting dominance" are not what you should do. And a muzzle? On a Jack? Sheesh! Sounds like he has YOU trained, not the other way around. Jrts are smart & energetic. Training will help tire out his brain. When you play, you decide when it is done. I tell my guy "one last throw" so he knows it is time to stop. For nipping you can yelp, then ignore him for a mimute, then direct him to an approved toy. If he persists then crate him until he is calm.
Be consistent with all training... Dogs will find & use any "loophole" you give them.

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Agree partly with first answer, completely with 2nd. :) Discipline is, in my opinion, [please respect it - everybody has their own & I respect them] an effective way if done correctly, never out of 'anger', and on the right dog [I've known dogs who would get beat with a stick & think nothing of it... and then others who would get tapped with a rolled up newspaper and get SO depressed...]

Do be very consistant, get into a 'routine' with him. E.g. 3pm every day having a big game of fetch till he's flat tuckered-out. When done, put the ball out of reach and give him a toy to chew on perhaps. Just like Wiley said, if he starts going crazy, putting him in a kennel [or wherever is his little confining 'safe haven of relaxment'] and rewarding him when he's calm is very good.

As always, consistency, patience, and holding that frustration in are the keys to success with him. ;) GOOD LUCK!!!

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Along lots of exercise you can use the kong tennis ball for dogs. it squeaks(anything made by kong will work also)there are recipes online that youu can use for the kongs Ex. in the summer time you can either put some water in the kong(if your dog likes ice) and freeze it or you can mix yogurt an peanut butter together and put that in the kong and can freeze that also.My dog is a big chewer himself will shred anything that will take a different dog longer to chew. He loves playing with that kind of ball.When you say its time to stop playing then its time to stop playing.I agree with putting the dog in the cage if he doesn't stop whining. Hope you find what works.

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