How do i stop my dog eating cat poo

Asked by Member 1067445 on Oct 31st 2011 in Behavior & Training
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This is called Coprophagia, and can be cause by a behavioral issue, or deficiency in the Dog’s diet.
Many Puppies eat their Mother’s poop, which is instinctual, considered completely normal, but Coprophagia can be found to exist with older Dogs as well.
Possible dietary deficiency aspects of coprophagia could be Protein/Carbohydrate ratios, Vitamin “B” deficiencies, a lack of Digestive Enzymes, or because they have intestinal parasites.
Additionally, Dogs may possibly resort to this activity because of several influences, which include:
Being a subordinate member of “their” pack.
Learned behavior from another Dog,
As a result of Overfeeding (their attempt to recycle) to absorb missed nutrients.
As a result of hunger.
Their attempt at Housekeeping, via a concept of sanitation, or fear of punishment for soiling.
An attempt to attract their Owners attention (regardless of negative “scolding” response).
Reasons as listed above, frequently are hard to analyze. There are a number of remedies to be found, from ingestion of Pumpkin or an Enzyme, to retraining. The fact remains that those approaches are only addressing the symptoms, and unless you can rule out some physiological issue by testing for vitamin deficiency or parasites, you may be putting your Dog in jeopardy.
Given that there may be a medical reason for this activity and in the best interest of the animal, Take it to the Veterinary, and have test done.
Now...I just want to mention the levels of jeopardy, which your Dog will encounter.
If it has been eating its own, or, eating that of another Dog which you have control over, then the level of jeopardy is not all that great. “Control” meaning that your animals are able to be confined in an area which no other (strange) animal can access, and the Fecal Material available to it, it of it or the immediate Pack. And, when moving one of more out of that area, that you are able to keep them from contacting another animals Feces, and that means getting close enough to just give it a sniff !
Just don’t let that happen !
If you do, even just the slightest touch of their nose to material, and in some instances, even getting close enough to just sniff, is too close, and contamination can occur. You then allow it to rely completely on the Medical protection via previous inoculations, to combat any infection. Shots are very important, but not totally efficient, and sometimes ineffective. Again, just don’t let that happen !

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Dogs eating cat poo is perfectly normal and is NOT the result of any issue or health problem with the dog in spite of all that Sneakers posted.
Treating your dog with pumpkin or enzymes or any of that will not help one bit.
Dogs eat cat poo because a cat's diet is so much higher in protein and, frankly, it tastes like caviar or steak to the dog.
Stopping this from happening is aimed at prevention alone, unless you are always present, it is a self-rewarding behavior to the dog.
In my house my litter box is in a hallway and is blocked off from the dogs with a baby gate. The cat goes over the gate...the dogs cannot.
Other methods which may or may not work are placing the litter box under a large cardboard box with a small hole cut in for the cat to go in and out, putting the box up on a higher surface like a work bench or somewhere the dog cannot reach, or just using a covered box, depending on the size of your dog. My little dogs cannot jump the baby gate so that works great!

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Libby does this when she is bored. I can't account for it any other way, because she only does it when I don't have the time to exercise her like I normally would. To stop this, I resume her regular exercise routine. I also put the litter box in the bathroom and block it off with a baby gate when I'm not home, since she typically won't sneak in there when I'm around. Since you can't explain to a dog why eating cat waste is a bad idea, you have to limit their access, just like you would with a child who is pre-verbal. Best of luck!

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Our vet said cat food has a lot more fat in it then dog food. Therefore, when your cat poops it out, your dog wants it for the fat. Positive reinforcement training when they go after it will help them stop. We fed our dog one of the the best dog foods out there and she still went for the cat poop. We used a cheap clicker ($.99 at PetSmart) and clicked with a stern "No" whenever she went after the cat's poop. If she walked away she got a lot of praise and a treat. We moved to just praise after about 2 weeks and eventually, she stopped all together. Good luck.

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