How do I stop excited barking?

When I go mountain biking my dog barks with excitement. If we stop to rest/check maps/regroup we get barked at until we get moving again. Occasionally I get barked at if I don't ride fast enough. He's nicknamed the "Drill Seargent".

Eventually he stops barking but it's dependent on how fit he is - the fitter he is, the longer the barking lasts. If I do two 20km rides in a day he'll still bark at the beginning of the second one.

Ironically he's good at doing a headcount - if we're still waiting on someone he'll wait for them to catch up before barking.

I want to do more group riding but people (understandably) don't want him around. How do I stop the barking without curbing his excitement?

Asked by Josh on Apr 27th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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