How do I put 1 dog on diet with 2 dogs? They have both been free fed for 3 years. I don't know ideal weight cuz mixed.

After 3 years, my rescued Mom and Daughter mixed breed dog have been free fed. Now daughter weighs 100 pounds and eats whenever Mom allows her to (which is plenty). Mom weighs 55 pounds and we don't know what breed Father was. How do I stop free feeding 2 dogs when only 1 dog needs to loose weight. My vet said she needed to loose 10-15 pounds. I don't know the mixed breeds and don't know how much they should weigh.

Asked by Member 1143457 on Dec 3rd 2012 Tagged putonedogondietwhenhavebeenfreefed in Food & Nutrition
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Just stop free feeding them.... Switch to scheduled feedings. That is a huge inherent problem with free feeding, you have no idea how much each dog is actually consuming. Dogs are predatory animals, they aren't really made to just eat whenever, wherever all day long like a grazing cow. Their stomachs are more aptly built for scheduled feedings of specific amounts.

My dogs eat once a day, but you could do two if it makes you feel better. Monitor them when they eat to make sure they aren't eating each other's food. Whatever food is not eaten within 15 minutes, pick the bowls up and try again at the next feeding. Your main problem is probably going to be behavioral -- you've created this habit of food being around all the time, so they may increase begging behavior or following you around and whatnot. You need to just power through that, don't give in.

Also obviously increasing exercise during this time will help.

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