How do I prepare my puppy for a new baby?

I'm pregnant and due in 3 months, and I'd like to start getting my dog prepared for her new baby skin-brother. She's medium sized (very small for a Rottweiler mix) and she's very friendly and cuddly and LOVES kids, so I figure we're off to a good start so far, but I need to figure out a way to tone down the excitement and gently teach her that she's not going to be my #1 baby for much longer. I always make her sit when small children want to pet her, but sometimes it's too overwhelming for her and she jumps up and claws them (with love! but still... claws) which I definitely don't want to happen to my baby. She's also great with "leave it" and improving with "drop it", which I think will be a big help.

Asked by Zoe on Oct 8th 2011 Tagged baby in Dogs & Kids
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If she's good with children, then she'll probably be good with your child. Cesar Millan is my favorite dog trainer, take a look at his website and maybe you can train your dog to be good with the baby - www.cesarsway.com

Some dogs will become anxious and sometimes mad due to feeling left out because they know that someone new has come into the family. I've seen cases like this before, too. Check out Cesar's site for this too.

Sometimes dogs can be very protective around the baby, which can be a good thing because they won't let anything bad happen to the baby but it can also be a bad thing because sometimes they won't let the parent near the baby. You can also check this out on Cesar's site.

It sounds like you have taught her well and it sounds like she'll be a good dog with the baby. Let her sniff the baby's dirty and clean diapers, let her cuddle with you and the baby, let her know that the baby is part of the family too.

I wish you luck!

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