How do i make my dog's quick recede?

The last time my dog had surgery, her nails were really long so we had the vet cut them way back while she was under. Now, the quick is just growing with the nail because it never receded. Should I clip the nails regularly while the quick is growing or should i wait until it is fully grown and then do it regulary. It's just that they bleed everytime they're clipped. I'm also going to try walking her on regulary in the neighborhood to wear down her nails, will that help?

Asked by Member 1000898 on Aug 17th 2010 Tagged nails, quick in Home Grooming
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what kind of dog is she? Certain breeds quicks grow longer than others. And sometimes vets will help you train the quick. It sounds dumb i know. but as a student vet tech we have been told to train the quick by getting the nails clipped weekly to get those quicks to stay short. Ask your vet for an opinion about what you should do

Jazzy answered on Aug 17th.

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Walking will help to a point. If they are bleeding every time you clip them you have gone too far. Take smaller amounts off at a time. Trimming her nails more often will get the quick to move back. It takes time to do this.

We have had to spend the last 6 months working on Vivace's nail to get them close to the length they should be. I took her to the groomer every two weeks for the longest time and now we are able to wait 3 weeks because our groomer can now trim then a bit shorter with a dremel. Her nails still are long for the breed but they are no longer hitting the the ground all the time.

Vivace answered on 8/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer