how do i know my dog is in labor

Asked by Member 525603 on Nov 4th 2007 in Pregnancy
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Stormy ***RIP***

How long ago was she bred? Gestation is around 62 days...this could vary, especially if she was bred several times over her entire 'receptive' period (usually between day #9-#14 of her heat cycle).
Has she gone off her food? Is her temperature slightly lower or higher than normal? Is she 'nesting' and trying to find an out-of-the-way spot to whelp? Are the puppies moving (jockeying for birth order?) or have they stopped moving? Is she panting? Looking for you? Restless? Has her belly 'dropped' more and can you feel her waist/hipbone area protruding a bit more than a few days ago?
HAVE YOU SET UP A SPOT FOR HER TO WHELP???? There must be NO DRAFTS on the newborn pups! You must have lots of clean, dry towels. Call your vet to let him/her know you may be calling if there is a problem whelping. Do you know how to whelp a litter or do you have a friend who does? Keep other animals and kids away from the whelping area so that your bitch feels safe.

Stormy ***RIP*** answered on 11/4/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


first thing to do is observe your dog.

if she
(1) walks in circles
(2) tries to dig in corners
(3) licks herself in the v, opening
(4) pants
(5) sort of stretches
(6) squats and looks like she's about to poo then stops and walks
(7) discharges blood

AND she is at the end of her gestation period

(some dogs go off their food either the day before or a few hours before their time. however, not all of them do. two of our dogs ate as they took breaks between birthing their pups.)

then you must get ready.
towels, string, sterilized scissors,
a lamp, a basket (or other warm container for the pups) and pairs of warm loving sterilized hands will be needed.

Vixen answered on 11/7/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer