How do i keep my dog out of my bed when i'm not home?

My 3 year old beagle is house trained and knows not to get on the furniture in the house. When i'm home she's good about not getting on anything. But as soon as i'm not home, she jumps straight in my bed. And as soon as she hears me coming home, she gets down and gets back in her bed. How can i keep her off my bed? I never kennel/crate trained her and i don't plan on doing that anyway... Any suggestions on how to keep her off the bed without kennel/crate training?

Asked by Member 702971 on Aug 13th 2008 Tagged beds in Other Behavior & Training
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Close your bedroom door?

Cooper answered on 8/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You can shut your door to your bedroom so she can't get in. Or you can lock her in one spicific room. Sorry you are not into crate training it can really come in handy in emergenceys. Here is a post from a thread posted by Nika and it has some very good information on crate training even if you wont use the crate every day.

My name is Nika and I am a 10 year old husky. I won't bore you with all the details of my puppyhood and crating issues. However, I'd like to share with you my take on the cruelty of crate training.

Bottom line is crating can be soo cruel!! It is often forced on dogs in extreme situations when the last thing the dog needs to deal with is learning to like a crate! How cruel is that? I know.. you humans are already saying I would NEVER do that! I would NEVER force my dog to into a crate if they didn't want to go in and I certainly wouldn't do it when they are already under stress. Well.. I am here to tell you that there is a good chance in your dogs lifetime they WILL NEED TO BE CRATED!

When? Well here is the short list: vet office, recoverying from any surgery, have to leave on a plane, staying in a hotel or motel. I won't even get into how the use of a crate could have kept so many dogs from ending up at the local shelter.

As I said before I am a 10 year old husky. I am loose in the house during the day but that doesn't mean I am not crate trained. I often get refresher courses and have seen many dogs even at the age of 10 like me learn to like crates! SO please don't ever give up on the crate training! I know a lot of folks think they are cruel.. but one thing I return to is if your dog ever in their lifetime needs to stay at the vet's or wants to travel (airline or hotels).. being okay with a crate make those times soo much easier ON THE DOG.

Want to know how being happy in a crate helped me out? Well...
- I get to travel more often. Can't stay in a hotel/motel without one. Because if the humans go out to eat, housekeeping could still come in and let me loose!
- I go to places with my humans and volunteer to work events and the crate is my place to go when I have had enough.
- Oh yes.. I had masses removed from my liver. Imagine how much WORSE my stay at the vet would have been if I REALLY hated my crate? In a dreaded vet office AND forced into a crate. Talk about CRUEL!!!!!
-Recovery from liver surgery includes extreme risk of internal bleeding. Guess where I had to stay for my recovery. Yup a crate! Without a crate I would have been able to jump on the couch, and pull my stitches and could bleed to death.
- Recently we had an owner who contacted us because they have to move overseas and want the dog to come with them but they never crate trained the dog! Now the poor dog is going to have a VERY stressful ride in a crate in an airplane now for a move OR find a new owner!

So you humans may hate crates.. but guess what? Sometimes they are necessary and today is a better day to learn to accept them rather than the day when you REALLY need one. Now THAT is cruel.

BTW... did you also know that one of the leading causes of bloat is stress? And bloat is a real killer. I survived bloat, but my bloat was brought on by stress. I gulped air.. until my stomach bloated.

So please please please.. I beg you humans to take some time to teach your pups that crates are good. Even if you don't need one today, there is a good chance your dog will have to go in one in the future!

So how does a human teach a dog to like their crate? Let me first start by explaining that most humans who think their dogs have a problem with crates, don't actually have a problem with crates. Instead they have a problem with their human leaving! As the problem humans make is using the crate ONLY when they leave. So the dogs make the logical conclusion that when I go in the crate - humans leave and fun ends and boring begins. So it is no wonder that dogs think crates are icky! The real issue often is an anxiety issue about their humans leaving as opposed to an issue with the crate.

So how does one make a crate a good place to go? Two basic things:
#1 - Don't use it for JUST when you leave the house.
#2 - Feed awesome treats inside the crate.

Do some 10-15 minute sessions here and there. Provide all meals in the crate. Take good things and make them available ONLY in the crate. So take that pig's ear that Spot the dog LOVES and ONLY give it to Spot when he is IN the crate. The key is that he can't have it outside the crate. Because when you offer it outside the crate, Spot won't bother with the one IN the crate. Who cares? He can't get it outside the crate. Would you cross the street to get $50 when you can get the same $50 sent to you? And yes some dogs will just get both!

In addition, do some basic training to keep the dog from hating when you leave. Don't make a huge deal about leaving the house or coming home. BE very boring about both leaving and getting home.

Also keep in mind that throughout the dog's life it is good to do refresher courses.. feed a meal in the crate and offer up a big bone in the crate.

Now don't delay.. get a crate today and start training! Tomorrow could be the day that your dog MUST go in a crate. And you don't want to be cruel do you?

Happy Crating!

~Nika the Husky.

Member 514512 answered on 8/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer