how do i house break a pit bull?

Asked by Member 989878 on Jun 2nd 2010 in Exercise
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I use to wake my pit in the middle of the night, to take him out. Even if he was sleeping soundly. It seemed to make him connect sooner, that when he peed, he could go back in and get in his warm bed. Of course, I took him out many, many times a day. Everytime he even acted like he was searching for a place to piddle, I took him out.

So watch your pit closely. The more you are able to take him/her out, the sooner he/she will connect bathroom habits with going outside. When catching him in the act, be sure to react quickly, but don't be too harsh. A firm NO, will be sufficient, but take him out immediately, even if it is too late.

If you are persistant with taking him out, you will be successful in no time. If not persistant, you will have a hard time of it. It is worth the sacrifice of a little interupted sleep at night and alot of outdoor trips in the day, for a couple of weeks, to reap the benefits of a well house trained dog!!

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The same techniques I use on Labs should work. The timing is very different for older dogs than young puppies. See

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The signs that he has to go out:

When you need to take him out:
-After playtime
-When he eats a meal or drinks water
-After a nap
-Whenever he shows the signs that he has to go out

Whenever you do take him out to go to the bathroom, keep him on a leash. Say a word or two such as "Go Potty" or "Potty". You have to say the same word everytime. After he does his buisness, give him a treat and have a "Potty Party" and use an exciting tone of voice.

If he has an accident in the house, do not hurt him in any way. Say "No" or "Potty outside" firmly and put him outside whatsoever while you clean up the mess.

Here are some links you may find useful:

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