How do I get my puppy to stop eating the carpet?

I have a 14 week dachshund and he keeps chewing on the carpet and pulling it apart, How do I get him to stop? I dont want him to get sick!!
Also...he has TONS of toys to play with! And he chews on the carpet when we are right there next to him! We say no and give him a toy instead but he goes right back to chewing. I dont agree in putting a puppy in a crate 24/7 and wont. But when we are home we are watching him, playing with him, and training him. If I just get up to go to the bathroom I come back to him chewing the carpet. This is his only behavior problem, he is actually been a really good puppy!!
Thanks!! :)

Asked by Member 923751 on Dec 1st 2009 in Chewing
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If you can't watch him every sec. place him in a crate.
Then also get him some dog toys to play with interact with him and the toys so he knows it is ok to tear those up.

Dieta answered on 12/1/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If you just get up to go to the bathroom, you are not watching him! When I leave the room for whatever, even to get a glass of water, I either bring the puppy with me or put it in it's crate. And, while you ARE watching, and he's chewing the carpet you need to distract him everytime, even if it takes 15 times in a row. If he gets away with it just once he is learning that you do not mean anything you say and he does not have to respect you because you are inconsistant with corrections. Puppies take constant supervision, yes, 24/7 supervision until they are much older and trustworthy.

Member 641257 answered on 12/1/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


He needs to be with you at all times. If you are always watching him, then you are always there to:
1. Prevent the behavior from starting
2. Correct the behavior when you see him thinking about starting to do it

The best time to "prevent" or "correct" is when he is THINKING about it... you will know because he will probably try to wait until you are not watching, or he will stare at the carpet intently for a couple seconds first.

If he is still doing it, get a prong collar - and leave a 6ft leash attached to it (again, only if you are there watching him). When you see the signs of him starting to chew the carpet, give the leash a little yank and a loud "NO!" - quickly followed by giving him something that he IS allowed to chew.

This has worked very well for us and have not had any problems with furniture or carpet chewing since we starting doing this (recommended by our dog trainer).

Johnny answered on 1/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer