How do I get my puppy to NEED me less?

She isn't mine, she just got dropped off at my vet clinic and it was me or the pound. She's some kind of Chi mix (looks like an Italian Greyhound/Australian Cattle Dog mix). Mom has her staying in my shower as it offers the most space for potty training and my floors are pergo and can't hold up with peepee accidents. Anytime she's out, she and I pay close to no attention to each other and she's at moms side jumping up and crying and isn't content until mom holds her (mom won't hold her unless she's moving her somewhere, but she WANTS to be held). We know she needs her adjustment period, but how to we break her of NEEDING mom so much?

Asked by Patches on Nov 10th 2011 Tagged behavior, smalldogsyndrome in Behavior & Training
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Well !, it seems like you just happened to come along at the right time, and acquired a very fine animal... lucky you !

But, the fact is, you can't make the "need" go away. Dog's have personalities, and some are just more "clingy" than others. As you mentioned, things should settle some after the adjustment period, and you let the little guy know, it's loved and wanted.

SNEAKERS answered on 11/10/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer