how do i get my pitbull to stop attacking other animals can i train her to be socialable with other animals?

my pit-bull diamond is an amazing family/guard dog,shes friendly with people WE bring around her,but hates other animals.its frustrating because shes great with humans but i cant leave her out of my sight when a animal comes around,cant take her outside to dog parks or rides in the car or to walk her, i have to let her use the bathroom in the yard cause i want to avoid an animal attack she blanks out and wont listen when i try to tell her to stay and attacks it till she kills it.shes attacked other dogs before,but we broke up the fights just in time thank clue why she started doing this,she lived w/my mom and her cats n dogs when she was 2 it was ok till the first fight broke out because of my moms jealous cocker spaniel is the only thing i can think of.she adjust temporarily to pups we bring home than gets territorial.can i fix this or train her not to go after animals?some say put her down cause she tasted blood but i cant.. i love her :(so im hoping theres another option </3

Asked by Member 1141292 on Nov 18th 2012 Tagged attackinganimals, killinganimals in Aggression
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

It sounds to me like you have to keep her away from other animals. If you do take her near them, you should use a muzzle. Most towns have bite laws where one too many and the dog has to be put to sleep, by law. So you need to take precautions to keep it from happening again. You might try getting a behaviorist. At least then you can figure out why her behavior has changed. Good Luck!

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my older 5 year old dog, stumpy, is starting to attack other dogs. the longest my dog might live is 7-8 years, if we are lucky because is is a large breed. he is loving, and plays with his family well, but with other, bigger animals he attacks. he is loyal and loving, and we think that this because he wants to just protect us, while he still haves us. if your dog if 4-5 years, or older, she could attack to protect and guard you wall she still can. i know you love each other very much. what we do is firmly say sorry, and pay for any damage our dog has done, if any. then we walk off to the side, and scold him, right away so he knows what he has done wrong. he dosen't do it with the dog breed we scolded him for attacking any more. hope you can train your dog

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