How do I get my lab in shape in 6 weeks?

I have a 6yo lab, and she's on the short and stocky side. Actually, she's pretty close to 100lbs. I feed her Puring Fit and Trim, but give her 3-4 Milk Bones a day. I know the rest of the family probably gives her "human food" as their getting soemthing for themselves too. I walk her once a day for 30 minuted ( with hills). Is there a safe way to drop 10-15 lbs off her in 6 weeks?

Asked by Ripley on Jul 19th 2010 in Obesity
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Dogs lose weight the same way we do. Less food going in & more exercise. A lab needs at least an hour a day of exercise... a walk isn't going to burn the calories you want. Does she like to fetch? Maybe do 20 minutes of fetch after the walk. Tell the family to stop giving her treats & Milk Bones are full of sugar! You could give her a big raw carrot to chew on instead. Check the ingredients on your food to ensure there are no empty calories or fillers. Ideally you want a food with meat listed in the top ingredients, not corn. Good for you for taking care of your dog's health! You'll add years to her life & may save money at the vet from obesity related issues!

Member 904338 answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I've read several reviews about Purina Fit & Trim, and many of the reviewers say that this food does not sucsessfully help their dog lose weight. I would look in to some other brand of dog food with less calories, but still is healthy. I would cut back a tad with the food, too. Don't feed her any more Milk Bones or human food, either. Talk to your family about this. Let them know that Ripley could become too unhealthy if she doesn't lose weight. If your going to give her any treats, use green beans or carrots.

Other than cutting back with food and treats, get outside. Its already a great start that you are walking her 30 minutes a day. You may want to think about more activities. Play games or do a dog sport. Agility and freestyle are two popular ones. You can think about buying an agility set or a frisbee and go outside every day and do that sport with Ripley.

Don't over work her, and make sure that she has plenty of fresh water. Paw mail me with any more questions!

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15lbs is a lot for a dog. That would be the equivalent of a normal sized adult losing 45-50 lbs in six weeks! Concentrate on getting her fit, but don't put a time frame on it.

It's good you walk her daily so she's not completely out of shape. Any exercise you add on (and you should add on an extra walk or play session a day) should be done gradually so her heart isn't strained.

Ask the rest of the family to help you with this by NOT giving her scraps or snacks unless they are low fat treats that are specifically for dogs. Fatty and high sugar foods tax the pancreas and can cause pancreatitis, which is very serious and can be deadly. And excess weight causes heart disease in dogs, so it's super important to get her fit.

I'd take a good look at the food you're giving her. Purina is a very low quality food and you're probably better off with a premium brand. Wellness makes an excellent weight mgmt food and treats. Any change in food should be done gradually over a week or two.

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All you need to do is change her diet and exercise her.

Purina is a horrible brand to feed.

Stay away from these brands of dog foods:

Ol' Roy
Bil Jac
Royal Canin
Science Diet

There are so many more bad dog foods out there. Please get her off Milk Bones, too.

Bad dog food is one of the leading causes to medical problems. This includes treats, too.

Dog foods I highly recommend:

Solid Gold
Merrick B.G.
Honest Kitchen

All of these companies have treats, too.

What's really in pet food:

Exercise -

Walk Ripley once a day and play fetch for 20-30 minutes a day. Since she is a Lab, you guys could take her to the lake and let her swim or something. She may need to lose a couple pounds, but you don't want her to lose too much weight. Exercising her everyday will also tone her muscles and body, which will be good for her.

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