How do I get my highly under weight dog to gain weight?

I got my dog (britney spanial) almost a year ago I got her from a Pound where her owners had tied her to the post out side before they opened. She had clearly been starved she was so skinny that her fur went in side her ribs, she has gained some weight however you can still see her hips and ribs there just not as proment we were told that she would always be skinny however she is to skinny know I don't know what else to do the last time we were at the vets they said she didn't have worm, should I buy a good quality wormer from a pet shop just in cause she has gotten them since I still have a lot of food at home so I would prefer to not have to buy new food, how can I help her gain weight I really want this to be a quick thing the longer she stays this skinny the more a risk of illness she becomes.

Asked by Member 1156534 on Feb 22nd 2013 in Other Food & Nutrition
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About 15 years ago we adopted a dog from the pound who had the same problem. When we asked the vet he told us to try sugar water and it helped a lot. He was a lab mix that we had for almost 12 years and was around 2 when we adopted him.

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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

Has she been tested for a Thyroid condition or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency? She could have either. You can find out with blood tests. If she doesn't have either of those conditions, you can try adding more protein to her diet. To make Kali gain weight, I added boneless skinless chicken breast and chicken gizzards and hearts to her food. She's a big dog and she's suppose to weigh around 100 pounds. She was down to 83 pounds. Now she's up to 106. LOLOL It might be worth a try for you. First, I would have a different vet check your dog first to rule out the 2 medical conditions I mentioned or anything else that might come to mind. Good Luck and please let us know how you make out. :)

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Wormers are POISON, and should never be given without a fecal check to determine if there are really worms or other internal parasites present. Furthermore, no wormer kills all worms, you again need to find out via vet exam what kind of worms she has, IF she even has any, then give her the correct wormer for the type she has.
Read the dog food want a food with a listed animal protein as the first ingredient and one that is free from artificial dyes and ingredients with protein levels in the higher range, 24% - 28%. Things like cellulose, beet pulp and peanut hulls, etc, are fillers and should not be present in a quality dog food nor should sugar be an ingredient in a quality dog food.
DO NOT ADD sugar or other sweetners to her food or water, they will NOT result in weight gain, only in an increase in blood glucose levels which will ultimately result in weight LOSS due to excessive energy this will cause. If you add anything, add protein such as ground meat.

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Feed a grain free dog food and feed Satin Balls. Here's a recipe for Satin Balls -

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Lots of healthy protein Like lamb, beef, chicken ect added to what your feeding and adding some rice wouldn't hurt.

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