How do I get my German Shepard to eat and gain weight.

My family and I just got a German Shepard from the humane society we where told she had heart worms. We were also told that she needed to gain weight before she could start treatment. We have tried giving her both dry and wet dog food. Most of the time she throws it up or she only eats maybe a half a cup of the food. I thought maybe she just didn't want to eat around our lab but after watching for a week that is not the case as well. Can anyone help me figure out what to do, my family is already attached to this dog and we just need to get this dog well.

Asked by Member 1097485 on Mar 5th 2012 Tagged heartworms, food, diet in Heartworm Control
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Bruno CGC

Have you tried giving multiple small meals daily instead of one or two big ones? That might reduce the vomiting. If she will only eat 1/2 a cup at a time, try giving her that much 6 times a day.

Dry puppy food or a super-premium grain-free food is the most calorie-dense option, so you might want to try that. I had a super-picky eater who needed to gain weight and found that Orijen kibble was the best choice for her- it's very high in fat/protein, and has a strong smell. It was the only kibble she would eat more than one bite of.

Also, has your dog been dewormed yet? (Not talking heartworms, just tapeworms and roundworms.) They can cause poor appetite and vomiting, and thin body condition if the worm load is really heavy.

You probably also want to talk this over with your vet. German Shepherds are known for digestive disorders, some serious.

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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

I agree with the other poster. Small frequent meals are a good idea. Good Luck!

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Large meals eaten fast will surely come back up. Feed her often in small amounts. Hand feed as rewards and encouragements all day. Keep her calm. Activity is bad for digestion and heartworm Disease both.
If she can't keep small meals down she needs to go back to the vet for anti nausea medications.

How is her poop? Solid and normal? Smelly, greasy, pale?
Intestinal worms can cause nausea. Giardia is always a concern with rescue dogs.
(I have 3).

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A high quality sovereign silver, colloidal silver and curcumin are all antimicrobial and kill parasites. Cedar Bear Anti-Parasite is also a great liquid supplement to give to a dog who has parasites such as heart worms to kill the parasites.

Cedar Bear Anti-Parasite -

Satin Balls are a great way to put weight on a dog. Satin Balls recipes -

Add 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 4 tablespoons yogurt and 1 cup rice to your dog's food and mix. These are great foods to put weight on a dog too. Do this for every meal to gain weight onto your dog.

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