How do i get my dog to stop going potty in the house?

My dog is 7 years old, I rescued him 2 years ago and he wont stop pooping and peeing on the floor. I let him out ever hour and make him stay out till he goes #1 and #2. But if we leave and dont take him some were with us even if it is outside for 5 minutes he will go poop and pee in the house. I punish him by saying BAD BOY loud and put him in his create or outside but it still doesnt work he wont stop and I cant take it anymore. Can someone please help me. I dont want to get rid of him its not fair to him.

Asked by Member 1122421 on Jul 24th 2012 in House Soiling
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He should be checked out at the vet for any toileting issues like a UTI. Punishing after the fact does absolutely nothing so please stop shouting and using his crate as punishment. The crate should be a happy resting place.

Grab a black light and an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle to completely clean everything or he will keep going in that same spot.

Every hour take him out on leash (so you are there with him) and give him time to potty. When he does, PRAISE HIM! and give him a delicious treat he loves. He needs to learn if he does it outside he gets treats!! If he goes inside he doesn't get anything, you ignore him and clean up the mess with the enzymatic cleaner.

You need to retrain him to love his crate, google crate games. Stick a pb filled kong in his crate for him to work on. You need to work up the time little by little as I believe he has a bit of separation anxiety.
When you leave you will need to put him in his crate so he doesn't have full access to the house.

Obi answered on 7/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


other commenter has it spot on i think, I also believe your dog has a bit of seperation anxiety/ Id follow all that advice.

another thing i would do,for when you are out and doggie is alone,put radio on low volume, sometimes it soothes a dog with seperation anxiety just hearing a human voice.leave the doggy with his favourite toys and maybe a hollow bone filled with peanut butter for him to lick out, dogs love PB! itl keep him occupied.Also i reccomend putting newspaper or a dog training pad next to your back door,use special spray from pet stores which you spray in this area,dog becomes familiar with the scent and wants to pee there.When you come back and if your doggy has done his business there, take him to the spot,tell him good boy,lots of cuddles kisses strokes and a treat! It takes time but eventually he'll learn to go there when you're out.eventually you remove the newspaper and he may cry or scratch at door to let you know he wants to go outside! worked for both my doggies!

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