How do I get my dog to go on the treadmill and stay there while moving?

HiI am a thirteen year old girl, who has a beutiful black golden retriever collie cross. I would say we have a pretty good connection, like on walks she does excellent, and we do agility together, and shes amazing. Shes really the perfect dog, except for one thing.I have another dog, who actually enjoys going on the treadmill. When I try to put Libby on, she gets scared of it, and trys to jump off. She can actually walk on it, but I have to be standing right next to her, and even then she trys to jump off.I am quick to put her back on, and she walks for a bit,then trys to get off. I try to stop her before she jumps, but she still does it over and over again. I am very calm, I give clear orders, and everything else in between I dont want to give up, I usually try and practise with her for about 3 hours, but she never makes pogress. Although, last year she wouldnt even go near the treadmill. So thats a start I guess. I know this isnt the worst problem But i still want to improve us. help

Asked by Member 1141286 on Nov 18th 2012 Tagged treadmillfear in Behavior & Training
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well, for starters, please do not force your dog to go on and stay on. if her eyes get big when she runs, she is scared, and if you force her to stay on, she could have stress seizures or other things. if she sniffs at it, like she wants to know about, but confused. you can lure her on it with her favorite treat and start real slow if she runs, let her come back on her own time but if her eyes get big, dont make her. simply have her watch you run, or go out running to the park i know you love your dog so dont make her run on it if her eyes get big and she seems skid dish, she could as easy die of seizure, heart attack or even starvation because frightend dogs tend to not eat. hope this help you. dont forget, dont copare to dogs, every dog is individual

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That is what my dog did. I would set her on treadmill because she would not come on on her own. I would sit in front of the treadmill and call her toward me while the treadmill was going. I would also use a lead to gently guide her. After she gets a rhythm, she will begin to enjoy it most likely. Then she should just stay on as long as she wants on her own. Try to get her to come off on the front or back this will help keep her from jumping off. Also remember to keep the secessions short. Start by have her walk for 5 to 10 seconds and gradually build up. Keep in mind that it could take her a long time before she can do it.

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