How do I get my beagle to stop crying and howling while I am away?

I have a 1 year old beagle who is very sweet and even tempered when I am around. He never cries or howls when I am home. I didn't think that he was doing it while I was gone either, however, today my neighbor left a note on my door saying that he constantly barks. I feel terrible, I had no idea. How do I break this behavior? I walk him constantly, show him a ton of attention, and he is never alone for more than 3 hours. I believe he has severe separation anxiety. What should I do? I don't want to use a shock collar or spray his face. I surely don't want to clip his vocal cords. I need a lot of help breaking this habit because I am not getting rid of him.

Asked by Member 1061814 on Oct 6th 2011 in Separation Anxiety
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I believe there are pills your vet can prescribe for seperation anxiety. I would talk to your vet about options and see if that works.

Also, is he in the crate when you are gone? If so, maybe he is ready to be out of the crate? My beagle puppy started howling in the crate and so I tried leaving her out of it and it took a couple of times for her to not howl, but once she got used to the fact of not being in it, she no longer does and is no longer as upset when I leave.

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