How do i get my 9 month old yorkie to stop biting me and my family?

I have no idea how to get her to stop biting everyone. She always thinks that its play time and when we tell her to stop, she stops and then like 5 mins later she continues to bite. I have no idea what to do and ive had her for about 6 months and she's been biting ever since. Now thats shes getting older, her biting is getting harder and harder and sometimes when she bites, i have marks on my hand for a couple days and it really hurts. I give her chew toys i mean, she has a million of them ( exagerating ) and she does chew them but she also chews on them and bites me and my family. I dont know how to train her to stop and its getting really annoying and i need help. Please help me if u have any comments. Thanks!!!

Asked by Member 799869 on Feb 2nd 2009 Tagged monthsold, biting, hurts, help in Chewing
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Miss Buddie

It's a normal puppy thing, but it doesn't mean it's a good thing.

Buddie was a nipper too. The most effective thing we did was to yelp like a puppy when she'd bite too hard. It's what her littermates would do in the same circumstance. It's dog for "stop it!" If that doesn't work, tell her NO! then completely ignore her. I mean, leave the area and turn your back. It's another thing that her littermates would do. Withdrawal of attention is very effective since dogs are inherently people pleasers.

If the play starts getting too rough you can also exchange your hand for a toy. When she bites the toy instead, praise the heck out of her for making a good choice.

It takes time, but it can be done.

Miss Buddie answered on 2/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


This is something that puppies do to their littermates to entice them to play. So, really, she is treating you and your family as her littermates, and this is very disrespectful to you.

The previous poster had some good advice, however I have to disagree with the yelping. Yelping is something that littermates do to one another, yes, however you do NOT want her to think you are her littermate. If she goes to nip at you, touch her in the neck and tell her 'no'. The touch simulates a bite, and this is what her mother would be doing to her if she was nipping at her - it wouldn't be tolerated. While the yelping noise shocks the dog for the time being, it doesn't teach her that this is the wrong thing to do. All she thinks is that she hurt you, but doesn't realize that you don't want her to do it again. Submissive dogs yelp and whine - dominant ones don't. You have to be the dominant one over her, and right now, you have not taken that role, which is why she continues to nip you. She's telling YOU what to do, and this needs to be stopped.

Make sure you are exercising her daily. Puppies need lots of exercise, and Terriers, especially, can tend to be more high energy than some. The walks will help get rid of any extra energy she may have, which would cause her to want to harass you into playtime. Playtime is on YOUR time, not hers.

Be patient with her and persistent. You can't let her do it sometimes and others not, or she won't understand what you want. Please message me if you have other questions. Best of luck.

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Almost all pups are nippers except some breeds! This is very common, so just follow some simple steps:

Get her some durable chew toys that she can play with herself and have some resting time with. Maybe a KONG, puzzle toy, rawhide stick, bully stick, chew toy, whatever. Try getting these at your local pet supply store or

Take her on more walks, or any other way to give her more exercise. This will help her walk gently on the lead, it will be exercise for you both, and she'll have used up most of her energy so she won't have time to bite.

Go on There, they have videos on how to train your pup to NOT bite you. When your pup bites you, say "OUCH" to get her attention and then just turn around and don't look, talk, or play with her. After about 10-20 seconds, start playing again like nothing every happened. If she does it again, do the same thing over and over again until she gets the message. It may take a while, but she'll get the message.

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She is teething right now... what u do is curl her lip under her gums and press lightly on her teeth while says NO BITE! it works. and yes she'll get the picture, ALSO yip. it tells her that it HURTS! also teach kisses instead of biting. and PRAISE when she doesn't bite.. that was very nice, thanks for NOT biting.

hope this helps.

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One other thing to ad that might be helpful is (if you can pick her up) is when she bites, pick her up and take her to the bathroom, close the door and leave her there for 5 minutes. Don't say anything, just take her. When you let her out, say nothing. She does it again, in she goes. Isolation is a miracle cure for me when my dog acts up. It seems like the dog wouldn't get it, but they do. Or keep her on a leash in the house and if she tries to bite, correct her with a quick tug on the leash and make her sit. If she knows how. Or tell her "leave it" or "no". Say it firmly, but don't yell or raise your voice. And when she doesn't follow through with the bite and looks at you, give her a treat and praise.
One thing you have to look at here is for 6 months, every time she bites you and you respond one way or another, you're giving her the attention she wanted. Even saying "no" or "stop" is attention and she figures that if she keeps nipping, you'll keep looking and interacting with her.

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