How do I get my 4 month old basset hound to stop biting and licking bigger dogs mouths?

My basset hound puppy lives with two much bigger dogs and shes constantly jumping up an trying to bite their mouths or shes nipping at their legs.When they growl at her, she will then resort to licking their mouths. Sometimes she nips at peoples faces when she gets really excited. How do I stop her from doing this?

Asked by Member 1138007 on Oct 28th 2012 Tagged biting, nipping, jumping, commands in Jumping Up
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Your puppy wants to play with the bigger dogs. She's trying to initiate, and the older dogs growl at her to say "Get lost, pipsqueak, I am not playing with you." and the puppy licks their mouths in a "I'm sorry I love you, you're the boss!" and everything goes back to normal. Personally I wouldn't worry about it unless the other dogs are starting to get very upset with the puppy (snapping, aggressive growling) on a regular basis.
To stop her from nipping you in play though, I've had very good luck with leaving the dog in question. Chase was a biter when we adopted her, and if she bit I'd send her away from me. To the floor, out of the room, whatever. She soon learned that using her teeth made everything good stop, and she stopped.
Good luck!

Chase answered on 10/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer