how do i bulk up my pitbull and is baked lamb go for them

Asked by kayla on Dec 3rd 2007 Tagged bakedlamb in Homemade Food
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I'm wondering what you mean by "bulking up"? Are you talking about putting weight on her or putting muscles on her? I looked at your Dogster page and saw that Kayla is only 5 months old. At that age, neither is really a good thing to do.

The best way of putting muscle on a dog is by exercising. There are exercises you can do to target specific areas of her body, or just running with her will for the entire body. If you have a treadmill, you can teach her to run on that. If you set it to running uphill, it would target her rear legs more.

However you should not do any kind of endurance exercise at her age, because it isn't healthy for their growing joints and muscles. That sort of thing should wait until at least 1 year old.

If you just want to "fatten her up", that would be accomplished by feeding slightly more of a high quality dog food.

Baked lamb - as long as it has no spices or bones, it would be okay. But in that case you may as well give it raw.

Abby answered on 12/3/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


The first thing you need to know is she is a baby. Dogs hit there biggestand fastest growth spurt between 4-7 months of age. The first year they spend growing up...a very awkward period. Then they spend there second year filling in. You must let nature take its' natural course. Just as you had to take yours. Remember she is a pitbull she will be bulky..just make sure you have her on a high quality food and good vitamins as she is growing. Bulking up will happen in due time. :)

Member 536950 answered on 12/3/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


First of all, I want to know what you mean by bulking up? And I Hope you are not considering doing anything in breaking the law, or anything cruel.
I am a lover of all pitbull pups and all bully breeds and am a strict supporter of them-but AGAINST and completely against anything unlawful-I see many great bully breeds put down for no reason.

Your dog is a pup, so feed her accordingly, and no I don't believe lamb is good for dogs.

Member 537749 answered on 12/5/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer