How do dogs get blind?

I'm curious about how do dogs get blind bc my oldest dog was blind

Asked by Member 1002749 on Oct 10th 2010 in News & Events
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There's all sorts of ways a dog can go blind. There are diseases and illnesses that can affect the structure of the eye like glaucoma or cataracts leading to blindness. Injury is very common, where the structures such as the lens or optic nerve gets damaged. Impacts to the head can also cause or lead to blindness. This can happen by damaging the part of the brain that handles vision or an impact to the side of the head can cause the eye to literally pop out of the socket (protusion) which damages the optic nerve in one eye or even both eyes. Infection of the eyes can also cause damage and cause the dog to go blind as well. Blindness also can happen when a dog gets old..

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