How can we help our 11 year old Vizsla who suffers from a spleen tumor gain weight?

My husband and I adopted an 11 year old rescue Vizsla six months ago. Within several days we realized that something was very wrong (very thin, constant, extremely watery diarrhea, picky eater). He weighs 48 pounds, but his records indicate he weighed 63 pounds 18 months ago. An ultrasound revealed a large spleen tumor. We had the vet do a fine needle aspiration to attempt to determine whether the tumor was cancerous, but the results of the biopsy were inconclusive. We opted against having his spleen removed due to quality of life issues (we were told this would be pretty major surgery and traumatic at his age). Six months have passed, and he's doing well overall, but despite our best efforts, isn't gaining weight. He is currently on prescription Hills i/d canned food and will eat 2.5 cans/day if we hand feed him. He will not eat from a bowl on his own. We've tried mixing his food with Greek yogurt, etc. Any suggestions on ways to help him gain weight? He will not eat dry food.

Asked by Member 1140542 on Nov 13th 2012 Tagged tumor, spleen, vizsla, gain, weight in Food & Nutrition
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

Have you tried increasing the protein? Maybe hand feed him many cooked treats of boneless, skinless chicken breast and/ or hearts and gizzards. I increased Kali's protein and she packed on 13 pounds. Good Luck with him.

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