How can I stop my Jack Russell pup jumping up at strangers to say hello. In park situation, not everyone is dog friendly

Asked by Archie on Mar 28th 2012 in Jumping Up
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Maggie Mae

You need to show him what your expectations are first. Reprimanding him after the fact is not going to help at all. For example, you wouldn't reprimand a 2 year old for not saying please if they were never taught. You need to go somewhere where there are lots of strangers I usually suggest the local convenience store for my clients. Put up an in training sign if you need to (some people are really dog friendly and will come right up to you to pet him.) When he is just sitting or standing and being good, reward him with low-toned good boys nothing excited or high-pitched, this will put him in the wrong mindset for training. Whenever he tries to jump on a stranger, leash correct him with a high collar to get his attention back to you and then once he makes eye contact with you give him his command leave it or no, whatever you prefer. I would also suggest you not let him jump up on you to be consistent.

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