How can I solve my dog's protective behaviour issues? Part 1

My parents have a Lhasa Apso who is 4 years old. He was bought from a pet store in 2008 where he had lived until he was 6 months. He was very scared and meek for about 3 months after he came home with them, with some symptoms lasting to the present day. Once he began to get settled he started to use his voice. This is where the trouble began, as for some reason he started barking incessantly and growling whenever Dad would come in the door.

Dad has never done anything bad to the dog, and after he barks at him he will want to jump up in the chair with him so that he can be petted. But for some reason with Dad and strangers other than my grandmother, he will bark and bark and ignore requests to stop. When Dad comes home it is for about 30 seconds, with low, non threatening growling for a minute or so more. With strangers it is about 5 mins or more sometimes.

There is much more to this... but there is a word limit.

Please see the rest in part 2

Asked by Member 1135006 on Oct 9th 2012 Tagged barking, growling, territorial, protective, annoying, embarrassing, habit, petstore, lhasaapso in Behavior & Training
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My 1st dog Santanna! But he was from a puppy mill and was doing the same thing to my dad! But he bit my dad, and i had to give him away. You can watch dog whisper or puppy training.

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