How can I have my dog lose weight? Exercise is not an option because he has back problems. Thanks! :)

I need any foods or diets I can put Stanley on so that he can lose weight as quickly as possible, I'm afraid we might lose him because of all the risks to an over weight dog. Exercise won't be an option because he has a back condition that keeps him from going on walks, the main reason why he has gained weight in the first place. Anything you could suggest would be helpful!

Asked by Member 992661 on Jun 15th 2010 Tagged fat, obese, obesity, food, weight, loss, help in Obesity
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I'm no expert, but you're looking for our advice's mine:

Don't excuse exercise because he has back problems; think outside the box! SWIMMING is a great alternative to running or walking. It will take weight off his back and probably feel pretty darn good! Look into getting a 2-3 ft. baby pool to experiment in!

I have heard that substituting some of the dog's food with pumpkin is a good way to shed calories. Ask your vet and see what they think about that idea. What I heard is that most dogs love pumpkin (just the canned pumpkin) and it's very low in calories and fat.

Remember that a LOT of health problems come from being overweight, just like with humans. I also think you should have a plan that you can be consistent with. You don't want to starve the dog and drop it's weight all at once. Even the labels on common pet food bags show to overfeed the dogs. Be careful who you trust! See a qualified vet for proper advice and diet techniques!

Ivey answered on Jun 17th.

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Dogs gain weight because their owners give them too much to eat!!! There is no magic portion or special food that will take off weight, just as there is no magic food for losing weight in a person. You need to start by giving him a reduced portion of his own food and stick to it. Feed him twice a day, cut out his snacks, and stick to it!!!!!!!!! As soon as he has lost some weight, he will most likely be allowed to start walking again.
Unlike us humans, he can't open the refrigerator and help himself!!! He can only eat what YOU give him. Be tough, his life depends on it!!

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I agree with the previous poster, but a lot of dogs gain weight also because they don't get enough excersise. I think excersise is an important role in helping your dog lose weight, but since this can not be done, you'll need to put forth a lot of work. First, ask your veternarian about a dog food that he can eat to help cut down some pounds. You'll also need to feed him less than you do now, or how much your veternarian reccomends. Keep track of how much he weighs each week or so. Weigh him now, and write it out on a calander or piece of paper that you will keep handy. The next week, weigh him again. Do not give him anymore treats what so ever. If you are going to give him a treat, you can use ice cubes. If not, only give him carrots or green beans ocasionally. I hope that this works for you. Good luck!

Buckeye answered on 6/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


We experienced a similar problem with my beagle.

CUT BACK THE FOOD. That is a major asset in this situation. You don't need any fancy "diet food" from the vet - actually most weigh loss foods for dogs lack many essential nutrients in them.

Cut back to 2 feedings each day, and feed the amount that is listed on the bag. If he does not lose weight, gradually cut back amount.

Once he begins to lose weight, you need to start exercising him again to help keep him healthy.

Last winter my beagle had a very difficult time moving due to his back, now that he's lost the weight he's perfectly fine.

Oz answered on 6/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer