how can I get my dog to sleep at night and stay asleep?

I have a very active 1 year old bloodhound,she will go to sleep for a few hours,@ 1:00 in the morning she will wake up,then I will have to get her to go back to sleep,she will wake up again @ 5 or 6 sometimes even earlier than that,I can't get any sleep if she's up,what can I do to get her to go to sleep and stay asleep?any adive on what I can do I would really appreciate and thanks.

Asked by Ruby on Mar 4th 2009 in Other Behavior & Training
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If you're serious about wanting to get some sleep and you truly want the dog to sleep through the night the best thing you can do is to exercise the dog for a good 45-1hr before you go to bed. And make sure the dog is getting lots of walks during the day. If the dog is lying around during the day, it's no wonder that it wakes up @ 1am. If I'm lying around all day, I can't sleep through the night either.
You may need to involve the dog in a "search" kind of activity too. It is a bloodhound after all. It needs to engage it's ability and mind in an activity that it will do well with. Put a super yummy treat inside a stuffed toy, let your pup sniff it and hide it somewhere in your yard and let her "find it." Progressively making it more difficult.
You say she's very active, well you need to drain that out of her body every single day. There is no getting around it. If you try and get away without exercising her enough, your dog will be a night owl. And can you blame her?

Member 768404 answered on 3/4/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


I agree with the above post, but would like to add that a treadmill might help you drain her energy. I put my little chi on a treadmill when he was making me crazy with too much energy and it worked perfect.

Good luck!

Leon answered on 3/4/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If you aren't already, you need to be exercising her EVERYDAY. Bloodhounds aren't usually very high energy dogs, but any dog that doesn't get an adequate amount of exercise isn't going to be able to sleep, whether they are high energy or not. Make sure you are taking her for long walks daily, and offering extensive playtimes. This will help wear her energy down, and will force her to be tired. It is important that all dogs get daily exercise for physical and mental stimulation. They can't develop properly without exercise, and can become bored and destructive.

You can also try crating her at night, too, if you are exercising her and she is still doing this. Dogs make habits out of things, so if you are always getting up with her, she will think it's okay to get up then. During the work week, my dogs get breakfast at 5 or 6 in the morning, and during this time on the weekends, they are jumping all over and going nuts because I am not up yet to feed them. Dogs are creatures of habit, so make sure you are making habits of the things you want. Crating will help keep her confined at night if she just wants to get up on her own, but only if you are exercising her. Please message me if you have any questions. Best of luck.

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I have to agree... enought exercise is definitely the key, whether it's long walks and play time outside or time on a tread mill. I've tried the tread mill with my dogs and found it necessary to leash them to the front and build a wooden frame on the sides initially to keep them from trying to "jump ship". You might want to make sure her dog bedding is comfortable and in a spot where she feels secure. One source for some good quality dog beds is ....
Good Luck.

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Good advice. You might ask yourself how much attention you give Ruby at night when she gets up. When Max was smaller he got me up 2-3 times a night to go out. When we got up, I kept it all business - right to the door and out, then back to his bed which I kept in my bedroom and closed the bedroom door. The room was doggie proofed so he couldn;t get into anything. Then I climbed back in bed and ignored him. Without the attention he went back to sleep (took a while to condition him it wasn't play time). Now, he does sleep through the night. Good luck! I know how difficult it is to lack sleep.

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The first thing you need to know is that dogs are rather light sleepers. They don't usually sleep straight throught the night. Of course, that's no reason for them to be up and about when you're trying to sleep. Exercise her during the day (a LOT!) and then try using a crate. Teach her to go in the crate and stay in there until you want her. My dog stays in her crate all night and in the morning she gets up and I take her out. This has worked since she was 3 months old. Good luck!

Angel answered on 3/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I feel for you. Some dogs are hyperactive. I agree that exercise is a great method, and it is a must, however I do have a super hyper dog along with 3 other not as hyper dogs. They hyper one is the newest memeber of our doghouse. She has begun getting more active late at night. I can't blame (no exercise) for this, as she has 5 fenced, wooded acres where she roams, hunts, plays, chases squirrels and wrestles with my next to the youngest memeber. She goes non stop. I sometimes worry that she simply isn't getting enough rest.

Oddly enough, I have found that if I use a lavender scent (oil) in my bedroom, and massage her before bedtime as I am watching television, that it seems to relax her. She then snuggles very close to me and falls asleep and sleeps through the night.

This has worked for me and Gidget this past week. Maybe it will work for you as well.

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