How can I exercise my corgi?

My 1 1/2 yr old corgi, Bella, will not run unless another dog is involved. She won't chase balls, sticks, anything except other dogs, younger kids, and other animals (like chipmunks, rabbits, etc). She is a couple lbs overweight, and that is NOT good since she is a breed that is kinda less active, or at least little Bella is. How can I get her to run without much motivation? Thanks!
~Maddie K

Asked by Bella on Apr 3rd 2013 Tagged corgi, run, exercise, help in Exercise
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I have much of the same problem with my pug (Snickers). As my family recently adopted another dog, we're forcing her into twice daily walks. Well - more like a walk to the park around the corner in the mornings and a nice looong walk before bedtime.

It's not running, but its getting her more moving than she has been for a long time. At best I can suggest is the longer walks. Maybe include areas that are slightly hilly to give a little more to the walk for Bella rather than just flat terrain.

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