How can i clean my labs teeth?

How can i clean my labs teeth?? I have tried brushing them with the dog paste and tooth brushes but he won't let me and he doesn't like the paste if he smells it he turns the other direction.Are ther other ways i could clean his teeth without having to brush them?Or how can i make him comfortable letting me brush his teeth?


Asked by Chewy on Feb 21st 2011 Tagged brushing, dog, teeth in Other Grooming
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Raw Meaty Bones are the best way to clean a dog's teeth, imo. Try to get large knuckle bones, not weight bearing bones. Supervise him while he has it & remove it if it chips or all the meat & marrow are gone. I have never brushed my dogs' teeth 7 my vets are very pleased with their condition.

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Will your dog let you use one of the tooth brushes that you put on your finger ? I have used that on dogs that would not let me use a regular tooth brush. I also use greenies for my dogs. My dogs like the taste and it is like a treat for them

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Have you tried PETfection Breath Freshener Spray? It is 100% Organic and Non Toxic. In place of brushing you can put this spray on a cotton ball or cloth and then wipe off the teeth. It is great for helping with bacteria, plaque, & bad breath!!! Check it out at for more info. Hope this helps!

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Miss Priss

Here are a few ideas for dental health.....
1. continue to TRY brushing his teeth - be gentile on the gum area---

2. give him 1 Edible Nyla-bone each day or every "Other" day ; ( buy the small/med ones)
Nylabone they have some called:

Nutri Dent **Edible Dental Brush Chews -
Small or Medium ( found in most Pet stores )

3. supplement - dog vitamin - 1 per day for your boy-
Holistic and Natural SEE here:
This Will help with Dental Health and Wellness

4. Feed him grain free treats: Innova EVO - Wellness Core - they make some nice grain free treats .

HOPE this helps!
Marie and Miss Priss

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