How can I calm my hyper-active lab?

My dog is 15 month old lab mix. She is extremely hyper! She jumps like crazy, and pulls my arm out of its socket on walks. She is starting to get really big and really strong. I have tried a prong collar, Gentle Leader, and a harness. I need help figuring out how to get her to walk to release some of her energy.

Asked by Member 1039331 on Jul 1st 2011 Tagged jumping, pulling, leash, training in Behavior & Training
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Labs are big, muscular dogs, I "dog-sat" a few weeks ago my friend's Lab, He pulled too, I would try letting her run around in a dog park or something or do a sport like agility or maybe even take her swimming, Labs are known for being happy to see people, a trick I learned for jumping, when they jump up, turn around and do not pay attention to her (It sounds mean but its how she learns) when she stops jumping, then turn around and give her attention, keep repeating the process. Good luck! :)

Gia answered on 7/1/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Bruno CGC

Okay... so just "walking" is NOT going to release her energy. She needs to RUN. Do you have a yard? Does she like to fetch a ball or frisbee? I would look into training that if she doesn't yet. If she is good with other dogs, I would take her to an off-leash dog park every day for as long as you can spare. I also recommend biking with her- use a harness so she won't get whiplash if you have to stop suddenly. I just hold the leash in my hand or loop it around the handlebar, no need for fancy attachments.

It is a common misconception that walking a dog is good exercise. It's not. It might be good for the human, but most dogs need to actually run to use up their energy.

After you run her energy out, THEN you can work on loose-leash walking. I have had success using a clicker and food treats to reward for watching me and not pulling.

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You need to find a way to drain her energy. Play fetch, take her with you on bike rides, find a playmate 4 her that has about the same energy level. has some good articles on teaching ur dog to walk with you without pulling.

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labs stay puppies forever !!! She needs to run,run,run and than maybe some more running. Gotta love the lab ! Prong collars don't work, they will pull anyway and possibly get hurt if not used correctly. Never pull the opposite the way of the dog, their instinct is to pull more. A short lead and short a quick short jerk is the correct way. If you use a choker collar make sure it looks like a "P" not a "Q" when you are looking at it. Good luck and enjoy you friend for life.

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Candy 4/13/99 - 2/8/09

Click on this link:

Number 2, 7, and 6 in that order.

2. Classes teach you, how to teach your dog. Old fashioned classes that teach force are strongly discouraged and those methods don't work very well in the long run.

Newer methods that encourage the dog to think for itself are faster and longer lasting. They do require that the owner learn how to communicate these simple methods. It's easier to do in class than on your own as evey dog is different and a good trainer can help you with timing and technique.

6&7. A dog that is well trained is mentally occupied. Add daily exercise, 2 + hours for Labs, and you have a happy well behaved dog.

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