How 2get my 3yr Yorkie to stop pooping & peeing on himself while in his cage & around the house even after going outside

I have a 3year old Yorkie that was given to me when he was almost 1 yrs old. 2 years later and he is still always pooping and peeing everywhere around the house (day/night) even if he already did his things outside & even if your sitting right next to where he would let loose (as if he has no care). I started caging him at night and by morning he stinks and is all wet from peeing & pooping inside the cage (it's a small cage). He is very hyper and always on the go. I am very frustrated and don't know what else to do. I also have an 11yr old toy poodle, but she doesn't do any of those things. What to do because I really hate to throw in the towel, but my house is smelling like a kennel everyday (prior to cleaning of course) & I am having to wake up even earlier in the AM (prior to work) just to clean him & the cage up (GROSS)? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Asked by Member 1156132 on Feb 20th 2013 Tagged caging, bathroomtraining in House Soiling
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1st, I won't crate you dog coz its not helping the problem, the problem is since your dog has such a tiny intestinal tract compared to larger dogs, he can't hold much stuff in there and need to go more often. So he just needs to go and crating makes your situation worst instead I suggest trying if you have not already.
1. feed 2 meals a day, about 10-12 hours a part, 1x during breakfast, 1 x during dinner and then just fresh water rest of the day, so 1 meal before you go to work and then take him outside to poop and then 1 meal during dinner and take him outside to poop, and then take him to poop every 30 minutes when you at home so he knows oh going outside means to poop and pee, and then inside confine him in the kitchen or bathroom and on opposite sides one side newspaper and the other side clean water and his bed/towel that machine washes. the poop for dinner should come out in the morning and the poop for breakfast should come out after dinner. go outside w/him to ensure he poops

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