Housebreaking out new puppy when we already have a dog

We have an amazing Scottie dog who is 13 months old and we are getting ready to get a new puppy to add to our family and keep our dog company!

Our dog is basically house broken. He rarely has accidents in the house and goes outside in the morning and night when he get home from work. We work 10-6 mon-fri with a short commute. We are not able to come home for lunch. It took a while to get him off of the wee wee pads but that day has finally come! We still keep one down in the pantry insane he feels the urge while we are gone.

We are planning on getting our new puppy very soon but we are nervous about how to go about housebreaking him. We will be home all weekends but we work 10-6 during the day except for 2 days a week. Our current Scottie used his crate when he was a puppy and we were home part time. He always went on his wee wee pad otherwise. What should we do? What's the best way to train a new puppy when you aren't home all the time and have a dog already?

Asked by Member 1152319 on Jan 28th 2013 Tagged puppy, housebreaking, train in The Dogster Website
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I am not sure what having another dog has to do with house training a new pup. Just go about it like you would normally. Take them out together or seperate, it may have to be separate in the puppies case. When he has an accident in the house carry him out and say "OUTSIDE" and clean the spot well, with enzyme cleaner. If you dont see the accident just go clean it. That is a long time for a puppy to hold his pee, depending how young this pup will be, it would be great if you could have someone come at around lunch time to let him out for a pee. I never used puppy pads, I think it is just confusing to them to teach to use a puppy pad and then teach to go outside all over again. You could post in the puppy forum, you can get great info there and more detailed as we can only give you one short answer here.
Good Luck

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That is a REALLLLY long time for the puppy to hold it. Maybe you should wait until you have the time to potty train the puppy properly and consistently or you could get a slightly older dog that is already potty trained from a shelter. Another thought is to get an exercise pen and put the puppy, crate, chew toys, and sod in a litter box (this creates the pup's preference for grass so later he prefers grass to go on instead of fabric like puppy pads.) inside the exercise pen. There is a diagram in the free downloads of the books before and after you get your puppy by Ian Dunbar that can be found here:

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