hip dysplasia ?

Mika is 3 years old, and any time brush her she wont let me anywhere near the underside of her hips (under her back legs) and she also doesn't like the back of her 'back' legs brushed either. Im wondering if maybe its sore for her and hoping it's not her hips...I know huskies can be prone to hip Dysplasia. Maybe she just doesn't like those area's being touched? She growls and i try to pet her there to see if it's soreness and she still growls. Any idea's?

Asked by Mika on Oct 2nd 2012 in Grooming
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She probably just doesn't like to be touched on her hips. I have a dog who won't let anyone touch his hip. He doesn't have hip dysplasia, he just doesn't like to be touched in that area.

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