Spookie and Lucky

Hii Spookie and Lucky have found a new home but.....

How do I Found out how much shipping cost for the people that wants them and how do i do it??? please help me??

Asked by Spookie and Lucky on May 15th 2010 in Air Travel
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There are 2 ways you can get the puppies to their home. You can ship them via airplane or have them transported by vehicle.

Pilots for Paws is an organization who has volunteer pilots who will fly your puppies up. You contact them 2 days in advance and they find a pilot that's taking that route.

Transport by vehicle is a way that my mom gets dogs from AL up to her rescue. They pick them up from your location and either go north or south to the location. The one we deal with lives in New Hampshire and drives all the way down to Florida and all the way back up, picking up and dropping off dogs on the way.

I don't know of any at hand that will do the transport as of right now, but if you search for one on google, you could possibly find some.

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