Hi - What to do??? What are your thoughts regarding surgery for our 11.5 y/o min. Pincher.

11.5 years old, the vets found a mass that runs from her kidneys to her pelvic region - it's full of liquid. They've looked at the liquid under a microscope and it didn't provide any definitive answers. They say they really won't know until they go in. If it's bad - they said they'd just sew her up and that would be all. If they see it might lend her some more quality life they would remove it (and have it biopsied). The surgery will run between 900 - 1500.00. We've already put 800.00 in this weekend (emergency room visit). At 11.5 y/o - I'm having a difficult time chasing this further. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by Member 1122157 on Jul 23rd 2012 in Cancer
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Jemima (Gem)

Well my mum has just spent $1,100.00 on a knee operation for me and I'm 10

If you have the money then cross your fingers and go for it. It might be the best decision you have ever made or it will let your know what is wrong and if it would be a good idea to put her down.

She's a Pincer, so she's not little and fragile. If it was my Mum she'd go for it :)

Jemima (Gem) answered on 7/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer