hi i have a pitbull

hi!!! i have a pitbull my husband , adopt the dog because his last owners left the dog out and the street , we have now 1 year with RIDER. but we live in a aparment and i have to move to another place. the thing is noone accept us for the dog ,and we have to lived with out rider . i need help!!! i whant a know if someone wants to adopt. rider .he is really nice , he likes sleep, run, play, he its not agressive!!! what can i do??

Asked by rider on Jul 13th 2012 Tagged adoption in Shelters & Rescue
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try to find no-kill rescue groups in your area. If there are no open spots in their rescue (which is very possible, i live in MD and due to the pit bull ruling here rescues are constantly getting calls and emails), ask to list him as a courtesy posting. A courtesy posting is where your dog is listed on the rescues website but you are responsible for finding the dog a home.

Star BN RN RA answered on 7/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There's many people who would take him in, believe me on this one.

Are you on Facebook? If so, please post a really good picture of him and a really good description of him on your page, your friend's pages, dog/pet and/or dog/pet related pages and dog/pet groups. You'll find him a home REALLY quickly if you would do all of the above.

Friend animal cross posters/animal lovers/rescues/shelters on Facebook, post on their pages about him.

Join all of the dog groups that you can that are active and have a lot of members in them. Post in all of these type of group about him.

Of course, if anyone is interested in rescuing him, ask them a series of questions, if they don't answer or decline/ignore your questions, they're not right for your dog. People you have a bad feeling about, they're not right for your dog or if someone answers one of the questions and doesn't answer it "right", they're not the right owners for the dog.

Meet up with potential adopters and do a home check. Good luck

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I used to have a Rottie, he passed away last year. My boyfriend and I spent a lot of money on extra deposits and pet rent in order to keep him with us. I think you can find somewhere. We were living on a student budget and we still managed to keep him with us. I recommend keep on looking. Go on websites such as padmapper.com and check "Allows Dogs". If you really want to leave him, then:

-You can try petfinder.com to find someone who wants him
-Facebook Marketplace was already mentioned.
-You can certify him for AKC's Canine Good Citizen (my rottie was accepted by an apt company because he was certified). It's basically an obedience test that ensures your dog is safe.
-A rescue group would be okay too and probably your fastest option.

Whatever you do, don't abandon him in the animal shelter. You can put him into daycare at PetSmart ($25/day) and bring him back to your apartment once the leasing office closes to give you more time to find him a suitable home.

Javi answered on 7/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer